Artist Support Pledge

Cornwall iv study
This pandemic has left no-one untouched with many of us having to change the way in which we approach our work and lives. Although we appear to be moving onto a different stage I think there are some lasting affects and I sincerely wish you well.

As I am sure you can imagine many of the planned exhibitions for this year have either been delayed or cancelled but I did want to let you know about a fantastic initiative. The #artistsupportpledge initiative was started by Artist Matthew Burrows in March 2020.

It's a simple concept that has now gained huge momentum and has been widely reported on. The concept is relatively straight forward. Artists post images of work for sale on Instagram. for no more than £200 (or equivalent 200USD, 200GDP, 200 EURO, 300AUD, 300CAD or 20000JPY) and once they have reached £1000 they buy another artist's work for value of £200 (or equivalent 200USD, 200GDP, 200 EURO, 300AUD, 300CAD or 20000JPY).

If you would like to see the work on offer by artists across the globe please check out #artistsupportpledge on Instagram.

I'm offering small, unframed (19cm x 19cm oil on paper) paintings as part of the initiative, priced at £135 (including post & packaging)

Please visit small paintings... for a list of available paintings or my instagram feed for full details